What is a Business Manager?
A Business Manager is your advocate to make sure all the pieces of your financial life work together.   It is our job to make sure that your entire support team including: Accountants, Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners® and Insurance Brokers all understand your long-term wealth goals.  We are loyal to you and are always looking for ways to lower your expenses, increase your earnings and protect your assets. 


In addition to the services offered, what other areas will you be able to assist me?
Since our inception in 2005, we have helped our clients in numerous ways including:

  • Allocating funds to family members, employees and charities
  • Apportioning funds for pre-nuptial  and divorce agreements
  • Buying, selling and leasing homes
  • Conducting background checks on employees and associates
  • Developing realistic savings and long-term wealth goals
  • Ensuring additional income after retirement from professional sports
  • Implementing proper asset, identity and creditor protection
  • Negotiating with creditors and attorneys to protects assets
  • Overcoming large amounts of debt and bad credit ratings
  • Strategically foreclosing a property to prevent significant financial loss
  • Supervising moves between properties


How much time can you realistically save me?
Basic Bill Pay Clients have indicated that our services save them at least 2 hours a week.  That is 104 extra hours a year that can be spent with your family or going to the gym.  If you travel 4-5 days a week for work, do you really want to take precious time out of your weekend to pay bills?  Most busy executives choose to send out their dry cleaning or hire a maid to do laundry and clean their homes.  So, why not outsource paying your bills?  


I want to use your services but I can’t justify the expense because I am currently carrying a fair amount of debt? 
Our fees are not true expenses because our services generally generate more than enough savings, from taxes and from our partner vendors, to offset the cost of our fees.  Just as working with a trainer makes it easier to achieve your physical goals; working with a Business Manager, makes it easier to reach your savings and financial goals.    


Do I have to give SpringerMG access to my primary bank account?
No.  We can easily set up an additional bank account that is used only to pay specific, approved expenses.          


How do you store financial records and other confidential information?
All documents are stored in a cloud-based electronic vault that has authenticated login and AES-256 bit encryption in transit and at rest.  You will be able to access your vault from a secure online portal.


Can I continue working with my (accountant, lawyer, banker or broker)?
Absolutely.  While we have worked hard to develop relationships with independent professionals from a wide range of professions you are free to work with any lawyer, banker, attorney, accountant or other type of professional of your choosing. 


What happens if I move overseas?        
Some of our most satisfied customers are ex-pat executives, entertainers and athletes who live overseas.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you reside because SpringerMG will take care of all your financial responsibilities at home.


What happens if I want to discontinue working with SpringerMG?
If for some reason you choose not to continue working with SpringerMG, we will provide you with electronic copies of all your documents and close all accounts that we had access to.  

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