Trust. Truth. Transparency.

These three words are more than just our tag line. They represent our mission, vision and our core principles.

Springer Management Group was founded because a top NBA agent needed a professional who could mentor and coach his clientele in a wide range of financial matters. When it comes to financial services, trust is the most important element between a client and Financial Manager. Trust is everything. With trust comes confidentiality which is vital for our high-profile clients. To maintain confidentiality, we employ an advanced series of protocols and "safe guards" designed specifically to ensure the integrity and security of all assets, securities and sensitive identifying information.

As a trusted business advisor, our job is not to sugar-coat anything to you. You can always depend that we will provide candid, objective and unbiased advice. Whether you are considering investing in a restaurant or evaluating some other type of long-term financial decision, we will analyze all aspects of the opportunity, including a complete pros and cons list, to help you make a fully informed decision.

In our business, we don’t just reconcile to the dollar.  We reconcile to the penny.  There is no margin for error.  Every transaction must be approved and documented.  There can be no surprises.  Every business matter we engage in must be completely, 100% transparent.  This is why each client has the ability to securely access all invoices, documents and files at anytime from any Web browser or Internet-enabled mobile device.


     Springer Management Group (SpringerMG) is a boutique financial management firm that is dedicated to helping its clients enhance their lives by removing the stress of day-to-day financial matters. Specializing in the needs of professional athletes and entertainers, we handle all matters of personal finance including: wealth counseling, cash flow management, insurance portfolio planning, financial record keeping and bill paying.
    Founded in 2005 by Will Springer, SpringerMG's role is to make the lives of its clients easier and more manageable while helping them make smart and responsible financial decisions. Clientele work closely with the entire SpringerMG professional team including: a CPA, a trust and estates attorney and a Certified Financial PlannerŪ whose firm specializes in wealth management strategies of affluent athletes, coaches and senior corporate executives.
    Will Springer holds an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami. Prior to his work as a Financial Manager, Mr. Springer has held positions at OpenTable Inc., Paramount Pictures and one of the leading non-profit organizations in the country, founded and chaired by Steven Spielberg.

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