• 24-Hour "On-Call" Service
The reality is most people don't lose their wallets at noon on a Wednesday. If you lose your wallet in the middle of the night, we can take care of everything from sending you emergency funds to canceling all credit card accounts.

• Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
Understanding your expenses is paramount to Cash Flow Management. We work with every client to help them create a budget that will allow them to live comfortably as well as achieve their long-term savings goals. Proper planning removes the stress from unexpected financial situations that inevitably will arise.

• Business Correspondence
Whether communicating with a person or a company, professional letters need to be written all the time. For example, if you have been invited to speak somewhere or attend an event you may need to send a letter declining the invitation in a way that does not diminish your brand. We will ghostwrite your correspondences so all you have to do is sign your name.

• Business Evaluation and Analysis
It can be tempting to invest in a small business. However, even the best concepts and companies can pose a significant risk. Therefore, all endeavors must be properly evaluated. We can analyze all business plans and opportunities that have been presented to you to see how they would fit into your long-term wealth management strategy.

• Bill Paying
Paying bills and managing vendor accounts can be both time consuming and burdensome. We remove this recurring task from your plate allowing you to spend your time in more efficient ways.

• Credit Repair and Monitoring
With identity theft on the rise, we will monitor your credit report for inaccuracies and fraudulent activity.

• Debt Reduction
Through proper analysis of both your short-term and long-term financial needs, we will create a personalized budget allowing you to eliminate your debt in the fastest amount of time that is realistically possible.

• Development and Management of Non-Profit Organizations
There are a lot of rules to follow with the creation and development of non-profit organizations. We will help you create an organization with the appropriate IRS status, manage donations and expenses as well as work with your Board of Directors.

• Financial Record keeping
We use the latest technology to securely store documents (receipts, bills, invoices, financial reports) so that they can be viewed at anytime, from any Web browser or Internet-enabled mobile device. Your accounting team will have access to a meticulous set of books, enhancing the accuracy of your IRS compliance and reducing the time and expense required from your CPA.

• Insurance Portfolio Analysis and Planning
Responsible wealth management includes a formal assessment of one's comprehensive risk management needs. We work with our partners at United Capital Financial Advisers to formally review your comprehensive risk management strategy to ensure you have appropriate coverage across the entire risk management spectrum. For most clients, this includes a formal review of their disability income insurance, life insurance and personal property and liability coverage needs.

• Negotiation of Leases and Major Purchases
Is it better to lease, rent or buy? Whether it is a car, condo, house, yacht or anything else of value, we will help you evaluate your options so that you will be sure you receive the best possible deal.

• Relocation Services
Whether you were just traded to another team or have been planning a move for a long time, we have relationships all around the globe to help you and your family become acclimated quickly to your new environment. Each service offering is tailored to meet the special needs of you and your family.

• Research and Recommend Specialized Business Consultants
As one's business and personal assets grow, it is quite common to develop specific legal needs in areas such as tax, real estate or family law. You may even need a forensic accountant or a private detective. Wherever you live, we have ability to research and evaluate local specialists that will help you solve your particular predicament.

• Tax Planning and Coordination with CPA
Earning income in multiple states means that you are required to pay taxes in multiple states. We work with a top CPA who specializes in the intricacies associated with the lives of professional athletes and entertainers. We work together to devise tax strategies that will minimize both income and estate tax liabilities.

• Travel Coordination
Planning travel can be very time consuming.  We will research your options to make sure you get the best deal available.  Whether traveling for business or taking a well deserved vacation we will build your itineraries and take care of all the logistics including: flights (with seat seat selection), hotels, car rentals and more.

• Wealth Counseling with Certified Financial Planners®
Since professional athletes have a limited number of years playing at the professional level, prudently planning for your post playing future is absolutely critical. We work with United Capital Financial Advisers, an elite independent national wealth management firm to assist SpringerMG's clients in the design and implementation of comprehensive wealth management strategies. Their team of Certified Financial Planners® works closely with SpringerMG to ensure our clients goes through their comprehensive financial advice process, The Wealth Empowerment Formula™, to identify areas of potential improvement and take the deliberate actions required to rectify all potential wealth management blind spots.
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